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President's Message - Spring, 2019

Welcome to 2019.

I hope that over the past several months each and every BCGSA member has had the opportunity to spend a great deal of time with family and friends. The close knit community of the Golf Course Maintenance profession in British Columbia has been greatly affected by grave health issues over the past several months. For anyone who has suffered, or had a friend or colleague suffer, the BCGSA Board is thinking of you.

Whenever tragedy strikes, it tests our strength, fortitude and will. The better prepared we are to deal with tragedies, the more likely we will be to come out of it with some semblance of a silver lining from the situation. Additionally, the stronger the network we have, the more we will have been exposed to similar tragedies and will have heard stories of how to deal with such setbacks.

In thinking back to how this offseason started in BC, I canít help but think back to the BCGSA Professional Development Days (PDDs) in Victoria. For those in attendance, the November education truly was an emotional workout that would act as a primer for the rollercoaster that was to follow for many this winter. There were great speakers at the PDDs who were willing to share their personal struggles and how theyíve dealt with managing relationships, time, family and most importantly themselves. See Wadeís article on page 22 for a great, in-depth review.

We in BC have truly been fortunate to have been led on the topic of self-reflection, healing and overcoming great personal tragedy by Brian Youell who has been speaking about this topic for almost a decade. Congratulations to Brian for recently winning Golf Course Managementís Leo Feser Award on behalf of the GCSAA. There were many British Columbians in attendance in San Diego celebrating Brianís reception of this very prestigious award on the trade show floor. See page 10 for our BCGSA award winners and below for more details on VIGSA and CGSA award winners.

In mentioning the CGSA, I canít help but acknowledge Greg Austinís accomplishments. Greg has served our province remarkably well, representing BC nationally on the CGSA Board for a decade. The BCGSA is a much better organization because of the time Greg has devoted to the BCGSA Board and we are extremely proud that he will be presiding over the CGSA in 2019. Best of luck in your new position Greg, you make us proud. Tim Kubash will also be transitioning as he comes off our BCGSA Board come March, and he is to be thanked for stepping in to fill a vacancy we faced in the important role of BC representative on the CGSA Board of Directors this past year. Itís not often you are fortunate enough to have a CGSA Past President represent a Province in this capacity so thank you Tim.

Pertaining to the BCGSA Board of Directors, I would like to thank the BCGSAís outgoing Past President Stephen Kerbrat for his service to the Board. Anyone who knows Steve can imagine the joyous, energetic, down to earth big voice that he brought to our Board. Thank you for your many contributions Steve. To avoid redundancy on page 6 I wonít go through all the positions, but I assure you we have a committed, passionate Board for 2019. I would like to thank Paul Robertson though as he moves to Past President after 2 great years of leadership as President. Paulís vision and high level thinking kept the ship moving forwards and focused on the big picture of our Associationís core values. Lastly, I canít mention the BCGSA Board of Directors without thanking Ginny Tromp for her tireless effort in running the BCGSA office. The effort Ginny puts into preparing for meetings, keeping the finances on track and many other duties so things run smoothly is much appreciated.

Youíll notice this report has no mention of weather, green speeds, topdressing rates or turf and that is intentional as BCGSA members are already experts in these fields. The areas I see as being most in need of improvement are the lifelong personal and business skills of leadership, time management, communication, networking, and relationship building.

I encourage every one of you to partake in regional and provincial events that may put you out of your comfort zone, will improve your networking and communication skills and have fun while doing it in 2019.

Respectfully submitted,

Jamie Robb
President, BCGSA

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