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The British Columbia Golf Superintendents Association is a society to promote and support the Golf Course Management profession in British Columbia


President's Message - Spring, 2017

Another successful conference season ends and we set our focus on implementing our newly acquired skills and efficiencies. While attending educa-tion sessions and walking the tradeshow floor, I was repeatedly reminded that the golf industry is in transition. Costs are increasing, revenues are flat or declining, and doing more with less was overheard in almost every conversation. These are challenging times, but at the same time, a tremendous opportunity for professional growth. Research has shown that economic downturns, right-sizing or optimization is the best time to invest in education, networking, and new skill acquisition. Due to the unwavering leadership of our past president, Mr. Steve Kerbrat, our Board of Directors and our industry partners, the BCGSA is poised to be the catalyst for such growth.

Through several meetings, consultations and conversations, we received clear direction to focus our association on seven key areas that provide exceptional value and growth opportunities for our members:

Meetings – Provide three to five meetings per region with guest speakers, education and networking opportunities;

Professional Development - Continuation of our joint VIGSA/BCGSA November professional development event to meet or exceed our 2016 donation of $40,000+ to the MS Society of Canada. With the support of our industry partners, this event has grown to become the “one-stop-shop” for your required CEC points, while simultaneously raising the image of the Golf Course Superintendent in our communities;

CEC Tracking - Painless continuing education credit (CEC) tracking through the BCGSA office. Our seamless tracking system has increased CEC tracking by 25% in 2016;

Communication - Updates to our newsletter, directory, website, employment referral service and timely communication ensures the BGCSA is your first choice for industry news;

Partnership - Continue our industry and allied association partnerships to gain efficiencies, reduce competition, increase value and provide more options for our members;

Growth - Continue to grow and expand the membership categories to be more inclusive of assistants, service managers and technicians. Because of this initiative, we have added 15 new members.

These are challenging but exciting times. By continuing to focus on our seven keys to exceptional value and growth, we will be in control of our future, our growth and development as professionals.

In closing, I would be remiss if I did not thank the most recent individuals that have contributed so greatly to our association. First, the incredible team of Ralph and Ginny Tromp. Being the Finance Chair for VIGSA and BCGSA Director, I work with and benefit from their support on a regular basis. We are truly blessed to have them guide and manage our association. Second, past President Steve Kerbrat. Steve must be the busiest Superintendent/General Manager in Canada yet he always makes time for the BCGSA. Steve is focused, sincere, and absolutely driven to make our provincial association the best in Canada. Third, Dean Piller now past, past President and tireless champion of all things BGCSA. Finally, the BCGSA Board of Directors. I am proud to be part of such a diverse, talented and generous group of professionals.

Thank you for the opportunity to serve you for the next two years as BCGSA President.


J. Paul Robertson
President - BCGSA

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