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President's Message - Summer, 2017

I must start my report by asking you a question. How would you like to make an extra $15,000 this year? If the answer is yes, read on.

The weather has continued to disappoint. At the time of writing this report we are 391 growing degree days’ (GDD) cooler than last year. What does this mean? Well let’s look at our weather year to date:

January 1 to June 6, 2017 – year to date 1217 GDD compared to last year’s 1608 GDD:
• 1608 – 1217 = 391 growing degrees cooler than last year.
• 391 divided by 14 (our average daily temperature) = 28 days behind last year. These days are gone, lost, essentially never happened!

Now all these stats are great but what does this mean to your facility? At best, rounds will be down. The course recovery will be reduced. And of course, beers sales will be in a terrible slump!

Networking and Education - We have a plethora of networking and education events planned for the 2017 season so please save the dates and plan on participating:

July 5 - Pro/Super - Fairview Mountain Golf Course

July 18 - VIGSA and the Creamer family combine to hosting the Dave Creamer Memorial Golf Tournament. This event will be held on Salt Spring Island with all the proceeds going to the Dave Creamer memorial scholarship fund.

August 3 - Assistants Tournament - Sandpiper Golf and Country Club

August 20-22 - Our Northern chapter will be hosting the 2017 BCGSA Exchange Tournament with a fantastic program:
• Sunday - Trap shooting and social.
• Monday - Education seminar, lunch, equipment demonstrations and a 9-hole horse race.
• Tuesday - BCGSA meeting, lunch and 18 holes of golf.
• Cost (per person) - members and sponsors $135. Non-member $215. Non-sponsor industry $255.
• Hotels $129 to $149 per night * Book early to avoid disappointment.

September - Numerous Windups throughout the province including the 50th Anniversary Windup at Penticton Golf and Country Club

November 19-21- The BCGSA partners with VIGSA, Brian Youell, Dean Piller, and Gregor Kowalski to host the Professional Development Days and MS Fundraiser event. This three-day educational event promises to fulfill most, if not all, of your required continuing education credits.

Membership - The BCGSA has grown again! We have 42 new members bringing our total membership to just under 400.

As I eluded to in my opening sentence, the best way to make an extra $15,000? Partner with the CGSA and host a national conference. All our hard work and commitment to our partnership has paid off. The CGSA has presented the BCGSA with a partnership cheque of well over $15,000. These funds will go straight into our long-term savings to grow and protect our association from unexpected expenses.

Thank you for the opportunity to serve you as BCGSA President for a two-year term. This would not be possible without the support and guidance of Ginny Tromp, past president Stephen Kerbrat and our board of directors (alphabetically):

Tom Altmann – Fairmont Hot Springs Golf Club
Greg Austin – Campbell River Golf & Country Club and our CGSA representative
Warren Blue – Two Eagles Golf Club
Greg Broome – Hirsch Creek Golf & Winter Club
Jamie Robb – Capilano Golf & Country Club and our AGA representative.
Duane Sharpe – Brett Young Sales Manager and our Industry representative.

J. Paul Robertson
President - BCGSA

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