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President's Message - Summer, 2020

As we are three months into our provincial state of emergency due to COVID-19, which was declared March 17th, 2020, it’s challenging to put much in print given things are changing so quickly. Instead of trying to predict where we are going, I'd like to reflect upon the past two months.

With information from a wide variety of sources at the tips of our fingertips every day, the perception of how golf courses, workplaces and the world for that matter should be handled is different for everyone. A doctor I know and respect has been consulting with companies in the United States and Canada on how to deal with COVID-19. He has stated that everyone in all walks of life have different perceptions on how they think things should be handled with this pandemic and think their point of view is the right one. As we see at grocery stores, with those playing at our courses and with our staff, viewpoints differ from some not showing any concern about contracting or spreading the virus to those who are extremely vigilant and have possibly even taken the measure of refusing what they believe to be unsafe work.

Although this isn't about me, I personally probably fall somewhere in the middle. I feel like I have a great immune system as I haven't really been sick in a decade (knock on wood), but I do have a young family and my wife, Brianne, who many of you may know works as a Registered Nurse in two of our local hospitals. I think as leaders, Superintendents, Assistants, Equipment Managers and others in positions of influence within our industry, we show sympathy and act to protect all of those we represent. With the many unknowns surrounding this virus, we can't be arrogant enough to think we know what is safe and what isn't and put others within our teams at work or elsewhere in our life in a position they are not comfortable in. As a result, we try to put measures in place to protect everyone we represent and it's no different with the associations we serve.

Congratulations to those who felt safe staying open from the outset of this state of emergency, to those who felt it was best to close and helped their management or ownership make that decision until a time when they felt comfortable opening safely. Also, congratulations to those that perhaps had to stay open in spite of what they thought was the right thing to do in order to accommodate wishes of their leaders. We are all fortunate that this great game allows us to work in an environment that is relatively low risk and that we have so many great people only a phone call away who are willing to share information, their time, and expertise to help with whatever challenge you, your team, or family are facing.

I hope that the BCGSA and other allied associations have been able to and will continue to help you get through 2020 with success in both your personal and professional lives.

Respectfully submitted,

Jamie Robb
President, BCGSA

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